We Have Grown NETCOM As A Brand Built On Quality And Trust

Yen Choi, chief technical officer of Netcom Africa, an internet provider company located in Lagos, speaks with Anthony Nwosu, IT Edge News, on how the price of broadband can be reduced and why Nigeria offers the best regulatory environment in Africa.

What are your core target areas in Netcom Africa?

Netcom Africa is a one stop shop for all communications and ICT needs. We provide data connectivity services in the form of fibre optic, microwave, and satellite networks. We connect companies to their offices within Nigeria and also internationally. We are also the fastest internet provider in Nigeria, which is why companies who are serious about fast and reliable communications use us. Not only do we provide the communication services to corporate enterprises and global companies, we also manage the entire ICT operations of many of our clients. This means that our clients have a single point of contact for all ICT aspects of their business.

Do you plan to diversify into other areas such as data centre solutions?

Yes. We are constantly expanding our service portfolio. We built one of the first world class data centres in Nigeria in 2004. This data centre is fully equipped with the latest security, safety and power systems and has enjoyed a historical availability of over 99.995%. This type of availability is something that many providers like to promise, but the main difference is that we have already demonstrated it over 11 years of being in business.