Cloud PBX

For businesses with an on-premise IP Telephony system thinking about migrating to IP Office in the cloud, or if you have just made the decision to move to a IP phone system. We provide seamless IP telephony/voice, and video and mobile applications. You can switch to scalable, per-user, OPEX-based pricing, lower TCO, and technology modernization. Choose the right solution for each employee and pay for only what you need, when you need it.

On Premise PBX

Our IP Telephony system completely replaces analog PBX systems or provides the ability to run a hybrid system as a halfway point to full IP Telephony. It supports standard SIP soft/hard phones and myriad VoIP services. It eliminates the traditional wired phone network required for legacy phone systems and its web-based administration makes phone system management easy. Handsets located in remote offices or homes of key executives abroad to your office PBX as local extensions.

Contact center solutions

Our comprehensive omnichannel solution, gives you the insights and tools you need to keep them happy and coming back. Use real-time 360º data to fuel smarter decision-making, enhance agent-customer interactions, and drive loyalty. Optimize operations with seamless system and workflow integrations and cultivate new opportunities with prepackaged and customized options. Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs—on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Video Conferencing

Business at the speed of the Internet can be daunting to companies of any size. And when you’re trying to figure out what technologies to adopt and allocate budget for, there is a host of different variables to consider. With today’s sales teams, who are often virtual or remote, there’s a real need to bring people together on a regular basis in an efficient, productive and cost-effective manner. Netcom offers and array of solutions based upon your company’s needs.