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We are the Pioneer in Managed IT solutions in Nigeria

Netcom Africa, is a reputed IT consulting and solutions providers to all the business that are flourishing in Nigeria. We are have been providing IT solutions and managed ICT solutions from the year 2004 to businesses across the country. We are the leading Internet Service Providers in Nigeria. We have been providing dynamic managed IT and ICT solutions to all our client for the past few years and look forward to continuing the same for our upcoming clients. We provide cost-effective solutions which support all sizes of business.

Our services include IT consulting, Managed IT Solutions & Support, Managed Cloud Services, Unified Communications, Smart buildings and also IT Security solutions. Businesses usually struggle to manage their cost complexity with the precise business requirements. We in Netcom Africa helps such business to plan and reduce their cost and also help set up managed solutions to support your business from the technicals sides. Our experts help you outsource the required resources for the betterment of the business.

Managed IT Outsourcing

Our IT support includes IT outsourcing, IT Consultations, IT Project management, Application development, IT Consulting and Datacenter. Our solutions are designed to reduce the cost and also increase your productivity. We believe in working together with our clients to help them grow their business without intruding on their technology.

We do have trained professionals to outsource the required talent for your business. We make sure that your business requirements are effectively converted into the right product which would satisfy all the desired requirements. To make sure that your business keeps pace with the markets.

We make sure that you get the right systems and tools with the most cost-effective budget. Every business needs specific IT tools and software for their promotions at various levels, to ensure this our professionals will help you build customized apps by yourselves. Our team of experts are well trained for providing consultation services for your growing business.

Managed Cloud IT Support and Services

We do provide cloud IT services which include a complete implementation and management of the cloud services. We also delegate the service management through third-party partners who make software packages into cloud IT consultation services like Office 365, Cloud server Colocation, Backup and recovery and ERP for your business. These software packages and tools help you maintain standards and grow in your business.

We use powerful tools to ensure that you have a perfect and standardized business. ERP packages help you streamline your targets, leads, reports, sales and every financial detail of your company. Hosting your business on cloud server help you reduce your capital expenditures and provides greater security levels to your data. Our professionals are also trained to provide support to help you encrypt and automate your backup systems to reduce the resources and manpower being spent on the same routine works.

Managed Cloud IT Support and Services

Managed Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

Our managed unified communication solutions aim at providing Cloud PBX, On-Premise PBX, Contact center solutions, Video Conferencing for the better functioning of your organization. Unified communication is all about the integrating the organization’s communication models. Our professionals will help you setup cloud PBX and on-premise PBX for your organization. We also provide support to set up contact centers to help you communicate for the desired purposes.

Video conferencing is also one of our expertise where we will help you set up the right systems in the most cost-effective ways. We provide tools to help you enhance your agent-customer interactions and also keep a track of details in your customized CRM specifically built for you based on your business requirements, which in return gives you satisfied happy customers. IT Outsourcing can also help you manage the overall cost and gets you the best results in no time.

IOT for Smart Building Management Solution

We not only help you manage your cost in the IT Department but also provide managed solutions for cost-effective infrastructure design and also the hardware setup such as networking and CCTV camera installation. We provide structured cabling to help you get a strong IT infrastructure for your business, as a weak infrastructure can cause unproductive environments which may cause significant losses. CCTV cameras can be used as a measure of safety for any business. Our smart building solutions help you reduce cost and provides a better environment to work in.

Managed IT Security Solutions

We provide IT security for your organization at various levels including Network security, Web security, Email security, Identity and access management, Next generation firewall, security and event monitoring, DDOS protection. Security is always a concern when it comes to organizations which handle a lot of crucial data especially for organizations such as banks, schools, hospitals, libraries and other various other organizations.


Why Choose Us?

Netcom Africa has been in this service since the year 2004 and is among the leading service providers for the past years. Our clients are highly satisfied with the level of service we provide.Our services and solutions are crafted with extreme accuracy for each client. We not only provide you with solutions for your business but also make sure that each of these solutions is cost effective and work in pace with the growing demands of your business.

We deliver solutions which are easy to implement and also mend for any further changes in your organization, we also make sure that these solutions are flexible with time and help your organization scale heights.

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