Netcom helped clients navigate the pandemic and implement a digital transformation that helped them become significantly more efficient and profitable.

Unfortunately, some of our clients went out of business during the pandemic. The remainder of our clients started to shift toward 100% teleworking for their staff and needed to securely connect staff to their enterprise network and also seek additional technical support. Thankfully, our main product offerings are network connectivity and managed IT.

Bringing Netcom Africa’s Managed IT Security Solution In Today’s Corporate Ecosystem.

In today’s highly digital world, there has been constant need for individuals and organisations to maintain online/virtual presence especially now that businesses are emerging from Covid 19 pandemic. As businesses tilt online,businesses processes have been made easier, reaching out to clients.

Netcom Africa partners global IT companies to provide best digital security solutions in Nigeria

In today’s changing business environment, the need to have robust virtual security architecture has become imperative. Hence, Netcom Africa, Nigeria’s foremost managed IT service provider and outsourcing firm has partnered with Shelt from Europe, Firstwave from Australia and others to bring to the fore, a bouquet of information technology ( IT ) security solutions for businesses in Nigeria. With the high rising incidents of breaches in various organisations today, investing in IT security becomes more imperative in order to secure critical assets and information.

Yen Choi on how Covid-19 will change us forever.

Towards the end of 2020, I had great plans about a regular column: 2020 Vision Presented By The Guardian. Like many others, I had so many positive visions for the new decade, not only my own ideas, but visions for the new decade from lenses of others. The last piece I wrote and published on February 22 was about the film Eyimofe. Since then, I have struggled to find it appropriate to continue the 2020 Vision campaign. But I happened to stumble across this piece below. Perhaps it’s not simply a “2020 Vision” but a prediction about how we may be viewing the world, not just during this new decade, but for time.

Information from multiple regulators should be consolidated for the telecom industry to grow.

Yen Choi is the group executive vice president and chief technology officer, Netcom Africa, a leading integrated ICT solutions and services provider. In this interview, he highlights the evolution of Nigeria’s IT industry in the last 15 years, the impact Netcom Africa has made in the IT ecosystem and regulatory challenges in the country.