#1 Best Internet Service Provider In Nigeria Since 2004


The Internet has always been a major part of all sizes and models of business.  Businesses upgrading their services should consider the benefits of a business-class fiber connection. Because with business-dedicated fiber, your organization can lead the pack. Bringing fast and dedicated internet to business has always been a challenge to internet service provider in Nigeria.


Netcom Africa is one of the leading internet service provider in Nigeria from the year 2004. We bring to our clients, business class internet with dedicated lines to help them get trusted network connectivity for their purpose. We are the best isp in Lagos.


The lifeline of a business is their internet connection. If your internet service provider is unable to cope up with your requirements then its the business that suffers. We deliver business class internet with symmetrical high speeds. Symmetrical speeds help you upload and download data at the same speed. While selecting an ISP to make sure of this feature of their service.


There has been a rapid increase in internet service provider(ISP) amongst businesses to provide access to the internet consistently and lightning fast, to be able to communicate and send or receive emails without any issue or delay. We are the pioneers in the field of managed IT solutions for Nigeria. Netcom uses the latest available technology to make sure that there is no compromise in the speed and reliability we offer.


At Netcom, we look forward to a day where every business has the option to be connected to an internet service provider in Nigeria allowing them to contribute to the Nigerian economy and being equally competitive in a global market. There is a long list of internet service provider in Nigeria to choose from but businesses in Nigeria are opting for Netcom Africa for their unparalleled service and internet speeds across the country. We provide ISP for BtoB in Lagos.


At Netcom, we deliver fast, personal, and dependable customer service, and will tailor a package to suits best for your business needs and requirements. This allows you to surf the web, exchange emails securely and access information from remote locations. Among the top internet service provider in Lagos Netcom has provided the best in the class internet to all its clients. Netcom Africa also provides Managed ICT solutions and is the best isp in Nigeria.

Solutions offered for connectivity

internet service provider in Nigeria


Netcom’s provides the best and affordable ISP compared to other internet service provider in Nigeria and their charges. Netcom offers certain tailored solutions for your businesses connectivity as listed below

Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

  • Dedicated Internet
  • Net Access
  • Leased Lines

Dedicated Internet

This type of networking deals with Internet access and bandwidth dedicated to one user and one user alone. To a businesses, dedicated Internet would mean having a bandwidth division among the network’s users – every user has a portion of the bandwidth dedicated solely for them.

Regardless of this bandwidth being either completely or under utilized, the bandwidth is solely restricted to the network and no external person can access it.This is what makes dedicated Internet trusted and secured for large organizations consisting of many users, cloud-based phones or web-enabled devices.

Net Access

Netcom provides endless access to internet for organizations. Apart from this we also take care that your internet is being utilized to increase the productivity of your organization. We do this by limiting the access of your access to the internet i.e we restrict access to sites which are not required for any part of the organization. We restrict access to unproductive sites of your choice which in turn will help an organization gain productivity.

The net access needs to be differently designed and tailored for each organization to make sure that each department has access to proper resources over the internet. Providing this facility you could also reduce the data consumption and increase the productivity of your organization.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are among the fastest and and most reliable type of internet connections for the organizations to own. Leased lines are private symmetrical networks meant for communication between two locations. Leased line  for internet access to enterprises, provide the enterprises with a dedicated bandwidth of data transfer which ensures a reliable high-speed communication and collaboration within employees.

Netcom Africa has various connectivity options available for different sizes of business across Nigeria.We use various connectivity options such as:

.1. Fiber

  • Netcom’s Fibermax is the super fast way of delivering internet with speeds varying from 1 Mbps to 1Gbps. FiberMax guarantees to deliver you the most highly available, low latency ISP in Nigeria.
  1. Broadband LTE
  • Broadband LTE is the fastest internet available. They offer a global standard of internet connectivity throughout an enterprise.
  1. Satellite
  • Netcom has over 15 years of experience in providing satellite communication for corporates, enterprises and government sectors across nigeria and its remote locations. Satellite communication is the most desired communication type for the growing and established type of business.