Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Our unified communications services help you work more effectively with colleagues and improve work-life balance by reducing the need for business travel. You will be able to collaborate globally with colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers and deliver projects more quickly.

Microsoft Office 365

The old standard doesn’t support the way business is done today. Today’s business environment requires 24/7 email uptime, complete mobile freedom, other adjacent technologies, and protection against unprecedented levels of threat. This is why email is moving to the cloud. Cloud email offers far more functionality, reliability and protection than you could affordably deliver on-premises. Office 365 is addresses the shortcomings of the old on-premises hardware based email and meets the needs of the most cost-sensitive businesses. Now you just need to pick the right product suite for your requirements.

Why move to the cloud?
Capital savings and ROI benefits
1. Avoid capital expenditure. There’s no hardware to buy or software to license, so you don’t need to sink your capital into on premise infrastructure.
2. Make your costs more predictable. Netcom’s Hosted Exchange services let you consolidate your expenses into simple, monthly per-user fees.
3. Reduce your opportunity costs. By freeing your IT staff from maintenance, they’ll be able to stay focused on the value they add to your business.

Securing My Network, Devices and Apps

In today’s connected world people can work anywhere, anytime. With smart devices, they want to access, and share information wherever they are for work and pleasure.  That’s great – because it means they can be more productive.  But it could pose a serious security threat if it’s not managed properly. With more and more people using their own devices for work, you need to protect your network, data, and applications from security threats . You need to be able to control who can access what, and on what device.  We can provide you with a range of secure collaboration solutions that allow you to securely  manage corporate and employee devices and apps across your organization.

Enterprise Voice / PBX

Enterprise-grade calling features, improve reliability, and quality while saving you money on your long distance and interoffice calling.


NetConnect is IP Telephony system that completely replaces analog PBX systems or provides the ability to run a hybrid system as a halfway point to full IP Telephony. It supports standard SIP soft/hard phones and myriad VoIP services. It eliminates the traditional wired phone network required for legacy phone systems and its web-based administration makes phone system management easy.  Handsets located in remote offices or homes of key executives abroad to your office PBX as local extensions and enjoy the ability to keep in touch with team members without incurring expensive international call costs.  Enjoy HD quality voice calls that are crisp, jitter free and clear as a whisper in your ear.

Video Conferencing

Netcom offers and array of solutions based upon your companies needs.  From a cloud-based solution to hardware-based equipment, we can engineer the solution that best fits your requirements and budget.

SIP Trunking

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to lower costs and enhance their business with minimal investment.  Communications is a big one.  Yet, balancing the deployment and integration of new technologies without impacting daily business processes and the bottom line has become increasingly difficult.  SIP Trunking is making this possible by providing voice, video, and rich media capabilities, which traditional ISDN PRI connections cannot deliver.  Our voice quality, high-definition (HD) audio secure public key encryption, the strongest commercially available.  This enhanced security eliminates the need for a dedicated T1 or E1 data connection for your SIP Trunking connections, enabling you to securely route communications over your main corporate Internet and data connections.

Carrier and Enterprise SMS

Delivering information to the right audience at the right time is one of the critical aspects of business communication.  Netcom have a host of messaging solutions across various delivery platforms, designed to cater to communication needs of an enterprise, over and above traditional channels.  These are simple web based solutions designed for ease of use and quick deployment to enable a 2-way communication with employees, customers, and affiliates.

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