Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Leased lines can be the best way to get very high performance from one site to another.  They are yours and yours alone and are scalable from 1 to 155Mbps capacity.  Symmetrical speeds give you the same up and downstream which is ideal for voice and other applications.

International Private Leased Circuit
Netcom private line services equip your business with its own private network for transferring data. They equip you with a fast, secure, and reliable communications network that is flexible and scalable enough to meet your individual needs. Your sites are connected using permanent digital circuits that are not shared by any other customers. This eliminates the possibility of others accessing your information and sets Private Line Services apart from public networks. The extra level of security makes it an ideal service for transferring confidential information.

Video Link
Video link overcomes the challenges to enable you to seamlessly extend any existing video network to locations across the globe, delivering robust live media transport over IP to optimize your end user’s viewing experience. The platform offers constant bandwidth availability and video transmission over diverse protected fiber paths to ensure seamless video delivery.

Domestic Leased Circuits
In today’s communication dependent business environment, secure and reliable information is pivotal to success. The advent of new technologies has reduced communication barriers globally by interconnecting enterprises with leased lines, providing a clear channel between two end points.
Now you too can benefit from Netcom’s unparalleled and secure Domestic Leased Circuit (DLC). We have coverage in most major cities in Nigeria and connectivity with major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across the country. Our DLC service offers highly available, reliable, secure and scalable connectivity through leased circuits to enterprises with large communication requirements.

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