Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet

Our dedicated internet access services take you anywhere you need to go with the fastest internet speed and highest internet.

Netcom’s managed Internet access solution uses profiles for different users based upon their job function and access requirements, which allow the company and its employee’s seamless access to perform their job requirements while blocking sites that are unnecessary thus maximizing productivity and performance.  Devices will be filtered to access web sites and applications based upon their access profile.  This service is billed per user and is an effective way to manage and forecast existing and future headcount budgets.  The NSG (Netcom Service Gateway) is used to regulate the network and its users.

DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)
DIA is Netcom’s premium Connectivity product; it consists of dedicated bandwidth delivered using a combination of technologies: submarine Fiber Optic Cable and either microwave radios or fiber optic cable as last mile between Netcom POP and client’s preferred location. Netcom has built this specific network over diverse routes in order to make it resilient and redundant, and fully manages its capacity between Lagos and London, landing at London Telehouse, making us the fastest internet service provider in Nigeria.

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