Access Technologies

Access Technologies

We have multiple solutions of access technologies to meet your requirements wherever you are located in Nigeria or across the Globe.

Netcom’s premium Internet service via fiber direct to your premises.  With speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, Netcom FiberMax is guaranteed to deliver you the most highly available, low latency Internet service in Nigeria.  This enterprise grade service is offered only in symmetrical speeds and can support all of your mission critical applications including VOIP, Video conferencing, and ERP.

Maritime VSAT
The first fully integrated maritime VSAT system, Netcom Maritime and the mini-VSAT Broadband service work seamlessly by combining innovative and revolutionary technology on three fronts: cutting edge, spread spectrum technology, an expanding Ku-band satellite network, and rugged, fully stabilized antenna technology from Netcom Africa. Combined, they are the ideal solution for heavy-duty Internet access at sea.

With over 15 years experience, Netcom continues to provide mission critical satellite communications services for Corporates, Governments and Resellers across Nigeria including remote and challenging locations. Satellite connections can often be the only way to share information across remote sites. Netcom offers a range of standard and custom satellite products to suit your specific requirements. Netcom VSAT services are offered in C band, Ku band, and Ka band.
Get in touch with your Netcom Account Manager or email us to request a quote and learn more about our VSAT services and how we can keep you connected to your business needs.

Radio last mile to connect you to our fiber optic network is how we grew our reputation as the most reliable Internet service provider in the country. Netcom uses the highest-grade microwave radio equipment to ensure maximum availability in any weather condition. We can deliver scalable solutions from 1 to 155Mbps. Our base station network has been engineered with ring topology in order to ensure resiliency and redundancy.

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