On Site Support

We provide on-site IT services that strive to meet the highest expectations of our customers and this differentiates Netcom from its competitors. From small to large businesses the complaints about technology support remain the same: responsiveness, quality, performance, compliance, security, price and a failure to anticipate their clients’ needs.  While “price” is the most often discussed differentiator, it rarely makes the top five technology support concerns of businesses today!  Netcom Africa stands out from the others by consistently providing on-site tech services that exceeds expectations.

Enterprise Helpdesk 
This is not just another help desk tool. It’s a fully-integrated ticketing and IT asset management solution that provides the level of simplicity and automation that enterprise IT teams need to integrate service management into their core IT operations. With the capability to support expanding IT infrastructures, customers, and assets, Web Help Desk delivers high performance at an affordable price.

Consumables Management
Without reliable usage data for consumables, companies can easily fall into a cycle of reacting—losing track, running out, overbuying, losing track again—instead of managing. As a result, it’s common for up to 50% of inventory to be inactive stock, including low-turning product and obsolete items. And carrying excess inventory can add as much as 25% to its initial cost. With a comprehensive view of your consumable indirect materials, your purchasing operations become more lean, stable, and predictive.

OnSite Lite 
If you operate a small to medium size company or just don’t feel that your IT requirements warrant a full time IT engineer, OnSite Lite is perfect for you and your organization. Let us have one of our trained and managed IT professionals come and set a roadmap for improving your network.

Technical Procurement
Offering a unified approach to thinking and planning, allows a smoother flowing service relieving you of the burden of co-ordination, and often confusing technical issues. We will guide you through the jargon and deliver what you want, when you want. The ethos is quite simple on time, on budget, every time/p>

Servers are amazing things. They hum along 24/7, usually without issue, but like any machine they do require some maintenance. Simple maintenance and monitoring can often prevent a server failure from turning into a server disaster.

Desk Tops
Netcom offers desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile device, and tablet support to all sizes of companies and caters to each to find the right level of support based on different environments and needs.

When you outsource your IT support, you not only improve IT performance, you also reduce operational costs. Netcom is recognized by our customers and analysts for the superior results we deliver. Netcom lets you focus on what you do best – your business – while we focus on what we do best – outsourced IT support.