Automotive manufacturers depend on systems and applications to manage operations across a complex network of plants and sites worldwide. Leading companies look to Netcom to enable, secure and manage the networks across which this information flows. We also provide the collaboration tools that transform the way employees use and share information, so that they become more efficient in everything they do, from research and development to supply-chain management.

Financial Services

In today’s changing world of Financial services, innovation can make all the difference.  Technology, when designed specifically to meet our customer business challenges, can unleash the creative potential to face these challenges head on.  With clients deeply rooted in the investment and banking community, payments networks, and information providers,  we are critical to the functioning of the National financial system.

Energy and Resources

Success in the energy and resources industry demands that the value chain is optimized for cost, speed and quality. Only then can maximum differentiation be achieved for commodities. ICT plays a critical role by enabling industry leaders to manage globally distributed operations across the value chain in real-time. Netcom provides a full suite of communications services to industry leaders. We connect operations, often in remote and difficult locations. We enable, manage and secure connectivity between people and systems. And we provide the collaboration tools that transform the way their employees use and share information so that they become more efficient in everything they do, from exploration and drilling to the provision of power, water and other utilities across the nation.


From research and development, through production of pharmaceuticals, to patient care in hospitals, our innovative collaboration solutions connect healthcare for faster and more effective outcomes.

Manufacturing and Industries

The next big shift in the Industrial Manufacturing industry is here. It is not just about quality and numbers, but also about adapting to the digital age of technology and information.  It is now necessary to be in sync with your customers’ requirements, as you can no longer expect them to just consume what you manufacture.  Netcom are there to support you, including rapid set up in remote locations.

Media and Business

The fast paced and constantly changing world sets challenges for media companies in terms of both content and channels. Consumers have become more demanding and also acts as active participants and media content producers. Our digital services help media companies to update their production and ways of working. Netcom’s wide expertise in the media sector helps you make innovative ideas a reality.

Public Sector

Federal CIOs, directors and IT professionals are leading an historic transformation across the IT and administrative landscape. New economy governments are dependent on quick, reliable and secure access to networks, infrastructure, and applications in order to accomplish their missions and serve the public. With Netcom, your agency can leverage Nigeria’s best-in-class data center and network to quickly and cost-effectively deliver mission-critical applications and services. With Netcom you can better manage costs, maintain continuity, secure applications and improve network performance. We are a proven, reliable partner committed to serving the IT needs of governments worldwide.

Retail and Consumer

Today’s connected marketplace has firmly put consumers in control of how and where they shop.  Your retail business relies on secure and effective internet access and connectivity to run all of your vital systems, such as your point of sale (PoS), inventory management, employee management, CRM, loyalty programs, online sales etc. With such a reliance on your access to the internet, it is important that you partner with an experienced and responsive provider for your ongoing retail business needs.  Call us to custom tailor a solution to fit your growing business.


As a leading network service provider we partner with technology companies in a variety of ways.  We pride ourselves on our relationships and will provide great products and excellent service, offering you a flexible approach to partnering.  We can support you in your national or global market activities – providing network, data center, last mile, network management, and cloud computing services.

Travel, Transport, and Logistics

Find IT solutions that help you meet the challenges in manufacturing and logistics business; cost efficiency, supply chain transparency, and business process optimizing. Logistics management information solutions enable you and your supply chain partners to act proactively in fast-changing business situations. We can provide you with solutions on how to improve and take command of your, Processes, IT solution evaluation, Project implementation, continuous ICT operations services, and Application management.

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