American International School

The top international school in Lagos had been adept in keeping up with so many changes associated with learning in the digital age, while many changes with technology were falling behind, creating a divide based largely on the quality of educational technology, rather than just simple access to the Internet. The rapid evolution of educational technologies also makes it increasingly challenging to determine what works best.   Some of the biggest challenges included Wifi coverage, IT staff management, Local Area Network, Hardware and asset Management, online learning, help desk/ ticketing system, and new technology / cloud initiatives.

Solution:  Netcom offered a complete IT Outsourcing solution to address the quickly changing requirements, allow educators to focus on the vision for the future while we implemented and executed that vision.  This included our managed internet access solution (NetAccess), Smart Wifi, Help Desk and Ticketing, On Site Support, as well as the support of Netcom’s trained IT professionals to manage and train the IT staff on an ongoing basis and implement new initiatives.

“Netcom has the technical skills to make things run according to our requirements, along with the flexibility to adapt to ever changing technology.  We now have the confidence that when implementing new systems and maintaining existing ones, Netcom can get the job done for us”
– Greg Rayl, Superintendent, American international School of Lagos